About RDS Insurance Brokers

Our Mission Statement

Simply stated…The purpose of our agency is to provide quality insurance with financially stable companies at reasonable prices.

How we accomplish this

Clients are to be treated in a professional, knowledgeable, and courteous manner always both in person and over the telephone. Since clients judge an agency by the employees they contact, we want to maintain a professional atmosphere in attitude, conversation, dress, and the appearance of each desk and the entire office.

Our office employee and producers are asked to make a commitment to excellence. Employees have a responsibility to our clients and this agency:

  • To complete assignments in an accurate and timely manner.
  • To expand their knowledge of their assigned responsibilities.
  • To Use absolute integrity when dealing with the client’s Company.
  • Up most confidentiality with all information received.
  • To serve the client’s and the company’s needs.
  • To use all their skills in serving this Agency.

This office strives to provide an atmosphere that is professional, relaxed, friendly, and productive. We ask employees to contribute to and support each other in getting the job done and reaching the goals of the office.

Our Company History

RDS INSURANCE BROKERS was started in 1978 by Randy Shuff, it has grown over the years by writing small to medium sized accounts. Client’s referrals have been the backbone of our growth..

A long time Southern California business, service has always been the key to our success. Our staff is the internal heart that makes the agency come together. Our expertise in the auto, homeowners, life, health, and bond and business insurance marketplace is second to none. The office has a total of over one hundred and fifty years of experience in commercial and personal lines of insurance and an extensive background in bonding.

San Dimas Insurance joined RDS in 1997 bringing over eighty years of sales and marketing experience.

Our goal has and always will be, to provide the best service at a reasonable price through financially strong insurance companies.