Commercial Property Insurance


As a business owner, you’ve made a significant investment in your company’s commercial property. The building you lease or own, the equipment that keeps your business running and the inventory stored inside, all require comprehensive insurance protection. At RDS Insurance Brokers, we work with you to develop a comprehensive commercial property insurance policy that protects your business and provides peace of mind.

Habitational Insurance

Habitational insurance provides coverage for the building and liability on a property that you own that can be lived in by others. This coverage is a wise investment that limits your property and liability exposure in the event of a loss. RDS Insurance Brokers understands the complex needs of those who own property—including condominiums, multi-unit dwellings, hotels, and motels. Habitational property insurance protects your assets and offers options such as liability protection (for condo association members) and loss of rental income (for apartment owners).

Because different types of properties face different exposures, ensuring you have adequate limits and proper coverage can be challenging. Let RDS Insurance Brokers help guide you through the process and ensure your properties have the best protection possible.

Lessor’s Risk Only Insurance

If you own a commercial building that you lease to others, or if you personally occupy less than 75 percent of the building and lease the remainder of its space to another business, you need Lessor’s Risk Only Insurance (LRO). LRO is a common form of coverage for owners of warehouses, retail spaces and commercial office quarters. LRO provides coverage for many types of loss, such as theft, vandalism, and damage to property. LRO also provides commercial tenants and their customers with property damage and liability protection in case of the following events:

  • Fire
  • Injury to tenants or customers
  • Weather-related damage
  • Vandalized light posts or windows
  • Burst pipes

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